Sequana Russian River Pinot Noir (3)

by wootbot


Sequana drink some Pinot Noir?

She's only the goddess of the river Seine! She rides around in a duck boat (not unlike the Ride the Ducks tour boats we know today).

In ancient times (or whenever), the sick and weak brought models of innards and limbs to Sequana, hoping she could magic up a cure. We're not sure if that worked out so well, but just in case, we approached Sequana and her enchanted Duck Boat with a list of other requests:

-Please give me a marsupialian pouch so I can always have a snack.

-I'd like the power to read minds, but only the minds of people who are currently on the toilet.

-Keep Rob Ford around just a little longer, that I might look better in my own political endeavors.

-Please force Nick Saban and Les Miles to do a buddy cop movie together.

-Whenever I sneeze, tiny, colorful balloons come out of my nose instead of boogers.

-I want to be constantly surrounded by Bald Eagles.

-Can you give me the ability to keep houseplants alive?

-Please make it so cats speak English.

-I just want some friends.

-Make all salads taste like birthday cake.

-Give me the gift of identifying any kind of apple just by waving a hand over it. And I'd also like some friends.