Scott Harvey One Last Kiss Red Blend (5)

by wootbot

Donot Forget The Donuts

Define "donut wine" however you want to define it.

When Scott Harvey called this 2011 One Last Kiss Red Wine Blend a "donut wine," he was referring to how with only Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, and Syrah, the center still needs to be developed. Well, we say hogwash to that! Let's enjoy a donut wine for being a donut wine!

We may not be able to fool ourselves into thinking that this wine tastes like donuts because, unfortunately, it doesn't taste at all like donuts, but that doesn't mean we can't use it as a pairing suggestion.

That's what we do. We take it very literally. This means, whenever someone brings donuts into work, we make it wine time. When we buy donuts for breakfasts for our family, we drink wine with it. And when anyone asks why we're drinking wine at sunrise, we show them a donut and say, "It's donut wine!"

It's also useful the other way around. If you have a significant other that's holding you to a diet, ask if they'd like to share a bottle of wine, then when they say yes, break out the donut and start chowing. What're they going to do? Deny you the perfect pairing?

This strategy may sound simple at first, possibly even silly, but the more you experience donut wine, you'll realize the beauty of it, so grab a bottle, and get started!