Scott Harvey on the New InZinerator Blend

by Experts

Guest blogger Scott Harvey of Scott Harvey Wines returns - to ask wooters what they'd like to see in the blend for his upcoming 2007 InZinerator. Anybody who offers constructive input is hereby allowed to list "Wine Consultant" on his or her resume.

Want to thank the woot community for a wonderful 2009. As we come to the end of 2009 we are coming to the end of the 2006 InZinerator and need to produce a new 2007 vintage bottling. Since the wooters are the biggest InZinerator imbibers, I figure you should have the most input for the next blend. There was a big difference between the last two vintages. The 2004 was made in a drier style at about 1% residual sugar. Very similar to the original Menage a Trois blend when I created it back in 2002. The 2006 was made more to be like the Rombauer El Dorado Country Zinfandel at 2% residual sugar.

Both styles have their place and their following, but it’s time to stick with one style and build on it. The blend will be based on Zinfandel, Syrah and one other variety. Not sure which one yet until I get into the lab and start putting it together. The Zinfandel gives you the up front fruit and the broad base of the wine while the Syrah adds tannin and center structure. The third component is always the wild card. After the Zinfandel and Syrah are put together then I’ll experiment with a number of varieties to find the one that best ties the other two together into a full and complete wine. Then comes the part where you come in, the final decision on residual sugar. More like the original Menage a Trois at about 1% or like the Rombauer Zinfandel at about 2%. Now that you’ve had them both it would be great to hear your preferences.

After the wine is put together, then we have to decide on the label. The 2004 InZinerator came with three front labels all in the same case. We named them 1-Batman, 2-Hero on the Mountain, 3-Superman. We had a tremendous out cry from the distributors and retailers complaining that it was to confusing. We also wanted to introduce a female super hero label, so on the 2006 bottling we put just one label which we call the 4-Femknight. For the next 2007 vintage bottling we can use one of these 4 labels or a mix of them or maybe a new label with just the Z from InZinerator on the front. The back label always stays the same and is really what the TTB approves as the main label. What label or labels would you like to see on the new 2007 Vintage?