Scott Harvey Mixed Red (5)

by wootbot

Hope springs eternal, anyway.

This is your chance to get your hands on one of The Original Kings Of Winedy.

When you're an established TV personality, sometimes you want to try new things. Despite that all of your celebrity friends are pulling you toward creating your own fragrance or line of clothing, you might want to do something else, which is perfectly understandable, and maybe that something else is making wine.

We're not saying we know for a fact that Scott Harvey is really just a pseudonym for Steve Harvey. In fact, we have absolutely no proof that's the case. Even more, it's very unlikely. The thought just came off the top of our heads, so we're guessing it's completely untrue.

But there's still a chance. Maybe Steve Harvey wanted to attempt to make wine and see if people would buy it for the wine itself rather than buying it because of his name. They'd see "Scott Harvey" and wouldn't think comedian / talk show host. They'd think winemaker, and they'd taste the wine on its own merits.

They'd enjoy the Amador County Syrah for its creamy texture with big red berry cherry fruit and aromas of blackberry, cedar, blueberry, and sweet light oak. They wouldn't enjoy it just because a famous television host's name was on it. And for Steve Harvey, that would be the ultimate satisfaction.