Scott Harvey Amador County Barbera (5)

by wootbot

Visibly Delicious

My friends don't believe me. They think I live alone. When I try to explain to them that I live with my best friend, they look at me like I'm crazy.

That's right. Scott Harvey Amador County Barbera is my best friend and is most certainly real. Each time I uncork a new bottle of it, I rediscover its flavors of fresh, ripe blackberries and raspberries.

I guess to an extent I can understand the disbelief. I've never actually introduced them, but that's just because I want it all to myself. Not because it doesn't exist. Having notes of cola and red licorice in wine may sound unbelievable and may be invisible, but you taste a sip of it and tell me this wine's imaginary.

So while you all go out on the town and hobnob with each other, don't mind me. No, I'm not spending the night alone. I'm spending it with the best friend a guy could ask for: Scott Harvey wine.