Scott Harvey 2009 Reserve Old Vine Zinfandel - 4 Pack

by Wootbot

Highbrow Drinkin’

You ever hear the paradox of Theseus’ Ship?

More or less, it goes like this: Theseus had a ship that was put in a museum, and it always looked just as good as the day it was built. When someone asked how the ship was kept in such good condition, the curator said that the museum kept replacing the planks as they began to rot, just as Theseus would have done. In fact, at the point the question was asked, every plank had been replaced at least twice!

Of course, the question now becomes “Is it the same ship?” And that’s the question you face now, with the 2009 Scott Harvey Reserve Old Vine Zinfandel. Is this four pack from an Old World vineyard… or from a 21st Century winery?

You see, the 2009 Scott Harvey Reserve Old Vine Zinfandel began at the Norton Vineyard, in small bunches of high extraction. The Old Vine Vineyards were first planted long ago, in the days when horses were used for cultivation, and the wine’s been coming strong ever since. Those classic vines have carried the vineyard through to today… but are they still the same grape? And is the ship still the ship of Theseus?

This is the kind of thing you can debate with friends as you enjoy the taste of deep raspberry, allspice, cloves and peppermint, balanced with a rich center of chocolate covered cherries and steak tartar. Since you’re getting four bottles, the debate can go on well into the night. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be the one to finally solve this paradox once and for all!

After which, you can move on to Zeno. Well, we say move on, but how does one really know that they move? After all, to go a mile you first must go a half-mile, and to go a half-mile you first must go a quarter-mile, and…

2009 Scott Harvey Reserve Old Vine  Zinfandel

  • Appellation: Amador County
  • Vineyard Sources: 66% DeMille/Norton Vineyard, “84 Year Old Vines” -  28% Vineyard 1869, “141 Year Old America’s Oldest Documented Zinfandel Vineyard,” 6% Fiddletown Zinfandel from the York Vineyard
  • Blend:  94% Zinfandel, 6% Syrah
  • Alcohol:  14.5%   
  • pH:  3.54   
  • RS:  Dry <.3%       
  • Cases Produced:  222 cases
  • Cooperage:  19 months in French Oak
  • Bottling Date: 7/22/10

Produced in the old world style of balanced wine making, this wine was made to express the Amador Zinfandel terroir with a good balance of fruit, French oak, structural tannins and medium alcohol.  Deep raspberry, allspice, cloves and peppermint, balanced with a rich full center of chocolate covered cherries and reminiscent of steak tartar.  Long lingering finish showing a complete wine from beginning to end.   Old Vine complexity with first growth quality.

Rules and restrictions:

  • Wine sold by winery
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