Scott Harvey 2008 InZINerator - 3 Pack

by Wootbot

Friday I’m Zin Love

ATTENTION, YO: this deal will only be available for 24 hours, because weekend Wine.Woot sales start on Saturday!

Look, InZinerator, I know you’re feeling a little hurt about being the first Friday Wine.Woot deal to last just 24 hours. I know the questions you’re asking yourself: why me? Am I losing my touch? Does Wine.Woot still close its eyes anymore when I kiss its lips?

But you couldn’t be more wrong. We chose you because we need people to be paying attention as we announce this momentous change. We chose you because we know our audience won’t dilly-dally about buying you and miss the new, shorter 24-hour window. We chose you, most of all, because we’re scared and anxious, and what better way to calm our nerves than with the newest version of this tried-and-true Wine.Woot favorite?

When we see the monumental Z emblem of that trusted wine superhero, we know everything’s gonna be OK. When we walk alongside Scott Harvey, one of our best and oldest friends, we’re ready to face anything the future may hold. When we immerse ourselves in the complex, bold, food-friendly flavors of InZinerator, we know we can meet any challenges, climb any mountains, pop any corks. Stand with us, InZinerator, on this monumental day, and we’ll get through it together.

And then get out of the way at midnight. We’ve got more wine to sell.

Scott Harvey 2008 InZINerator

  • Blend:  78% Zinfandel, 16% Syrah, 5% Forte, 1% Barbera 
  • Alcohol:  15.5%       
  • pH:  3.62       
  • RS:  .8%
  • Release Date:  10-1-11    
  • Cases Produced:  478 cases 12/750ml
  • Super Hero Wine Company, Napa Valley, California
Discover a treasure chest of flavors.  Full of big bold black cherry flavors, it is a lone warrior in the world of basic Zins.  Oak aging contributes to the rounded complexity with just a hint of sweetness.  Try this wine with any grilled meat or chicken, or pair with pizza, pasta and burgers.


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