Sanford & Benedict 1979 Library Cab (2)

by wootbot

Library of Cabness

Are you out there, Billy Corgan?

Remember 1979? We don't, because we drink a lot of wine. But we were reminded of a particularly significant event on February 18th of that year, when, for only about 30 minutes, snow fell in the Sahara Desert. Oh sure, there were some other noteworthy events, like Maggie Thatcher becoming the Prime Minister or the death of Sid Vicious or Queen's release of "Don't Stop Me Now," a powerful tour de force featuring Freddy Mercury's piano mastery and Brian May's brilliant guitar solo.

Anyway, it snowed in 1979. That brief Saharan flurry was the "the first time in living memory" that the region saw snowfall. So it was a pretty big deal.

We think that's an apt analogy for this Sanford & Benedict Cab. It is as rare and wondrous and special as snow in the Sahara. And, yes, pedantic meteorologists (is there any other kind?) will point out that snow in the Saharan mountain ranges is slightly more common. And sure, you might also have read about a snowstorm in the Sahara two years ago. Just accept our flimsy literary device on its flimsy merit and stop picking apart our work. WE ARE VERY SENSITIVE, YOU KNOW.