SakéOne Momokawa Mixed - 6 Pack

by Wootbot

For Goodness’ Saké

In a just world, we’d all be going to our local International Saké Day parade today.

Wherever civilization arose, one thing was certain: people would try to ferment whatever plant they could get their hands on. In Japan, that plant was rice. Fortunately for all of us, that fermented beverage turned out to be saké, and it’s bewitched palates from Tokyo to Tulsa ever since.

These six bottles from SakéOne prove that Americans have taken to saké brewing like the Japanese have taken to baseball, and sakémaster Greg Lorenz is our Sadaharu Oh. Today’s deal offers a panoramic view of SakéOne’s Momokawa line of premium Ginjo saké, with six different varieties of the timeless tipple. From sweet to dry, from clear to cloudy, the SakéOne Momokawa Mixed 6-Pack displays the surprising range of what saké can be.

International Saké Day, October 1, marks the traditional beginning of saké-brewing season. Of course SakéOne is doing more than their part to make this worthy occasion a national holiday, with a tasting at their brewery in Oregon and a set of printable tools for your own Saké Day celebration. But even if all they did was brew these six irresistible sakés, that would be enough.

Four very distinct sake’s make up the Momokawa brand. Beginning with Silver their driest, followed by Diamond, Ruby and rounded out by Pearl their Nigori Genshu (unfiltered and cask strength). Each offers its own flavors, body and rich characteristics true to traditional saké.
Momokawa Silver
Aromatic, crisp and dry, mineral and steel notes with hints of green apple and pear. The crisp, briny mineral flavors make Silver an exquisite match for oysters and fish. Wonderful with traditional Japanese cuisine, sushi & sashimi yet is a perfect pair with light fish and chicken dishes, fresh salads and mellow cheese. Imagine pairing with a sushi sampler of unagi, hamachi and maguro with a side of crisp tempura vegetables.
Momokawa Diamond

Off-dry with melon and tropical fruit flavors with spice and mineral notes. Simply delicious when paired with scallops and oysters, exceptional with halibut, grilled poultry and herbal salads. A truly intriguing match for dry pasta dishes like penne tossed with feta, parmesan & roasted pine nuts.

Momokawa Ruby

A hint of sweetness offers increased body and a very pleasant mouthfeel that lasts on the palate. Tropical flavors of mango and guava with hints of ripe cantaloupe. Ideal with light and rich fish (Halibut to Tuna), chicken and pork as well as fruit salads and squash. Consider pairings like apple baked pork chops with acorn squash and cranberry chutney, or grilled salmon with chanterelles and a light cream sauce.

Momokawa Pearl

This old style, roughly filtered saké is an amazing experience. Pearl offers notes of vanilla and pineapple with banana, coconut and anise rounding out a creamy body. Balances spicy dishes like Thai and Latin yet is a perfect match for rich chocolate desserts, fresh raspberries and strawberries. Enjoy with steak, barbecue and hearty dishes. Pull together an evening with spicy barbecue, crisp grilled vegetables, wild rice and a layered chocolate cake with raspberry sauce drizzled liberally. Or simply enjoy Pearl on its own.

Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo

Lush fruit and spice aromas layer their way to big fruit flavors packed in a complex body and long, clean finish.  Pairs well with Wild Salmon and morels.  Crisp green salad of romaine, heirloom tomatoes and chevre.  Fruit salads and savory grilled chicken.

Momokawa Organic Nigori

Rich and silky layers of coconut and cream with big burst of fresh pineapple and a hint of banana.  Consider spicy Thai, free range Chicken in Molé sauce, or a dark flourless chocolate torte. Also a perfect match for tropical fruits such as fresh papaya, mango and guava.


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