Sake One Sampler of Six with Gift Box- Gift Week

by Wootbot

When you take a good look at Japan, one thing becomes really clear. They’ve gotta have a way to get really amazingly trashed from time to time. Remember, these are the people who made themselves a world economic power AND invented nearly every cool giant monster or robot. You don’t manage something like that sitting around eating San Francisco brownies.

The Murai Family Import Sampler & Momokawa and Moonstone Saké Sampler is a chance for you, the dirty foreigner, to sample some very distinct Saké styles. It’s great for the first timers who only want to enjoy it with ta Dragonball Z marathon, but it’s even better for the distinguished palate types who know that the Murai Family is one of Japan’s leading brewers of premium Saké.

The latter will appreciate knowing the more specific details, like how the Tokubetsu Honjozo is handcrafted with light brewer’s alcohol and Miyamanishiki rice, while the dry Tanrei Junmai hints at melon and cantaloupe, almost in direct opposition to the creamy Nigori Genshu’s propinquity for spicy foods and desserts. Whereas the former will dance around the room when they here that the set comes with an explanation of the Nebuta Warrior you see on the label. It takes all kinds.

Included with the Murai Family Import Sampler & Momokawa and Moonstone Saké Sampler is a cardboard carrying case that also provides details on the Murai Family and offers definitions of the key saké terms. For example, did you know that the characters for this type of Japanese alcoholic beverage are 日本酒? And doesn’t that look like Raiden standing in his kitchen between the refrigerator and the stove? Just a little? If you squint, maybe? You don’t see it at all? Wow. Guess that proves the Murai Family Import Sampler & Momokawa and Moonstone Saké Sampler is pretty good stuff. You should try some too!

Tokubetsu Honjozo:

Tanrei Junmai

Nigori Genshu

Momokawa Diamond:

Momokawa Pearl:

Moonstone Asian Pear:

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