Roessler Single Vineyard Pinot Noir (3)

by wootbot

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“PN” stands for Pnever Nenough.

Yeah, you’ve seen Pinot Noir from this winery before. You can never be too rich, too thin, or too well-supplied with Roessler Winery’s lovely and lascivious Pinot Noirs. Not when the folks at Roessler carefully choose grapes from the finest PN regions just about anywhere, and then add their own magic to display the finest characteristics of each region.

This time ‘round, you can pad your ever-growing collection of Roessler PNs with this trio of single-vineyard buddies. You’ll enjoy three unique flavors from three distinct regions and then you’ll probably feel terrible in the morning. So maybe space them out over a few days.

Will this be the end of the line for Roessler Winery and Wine.Woot? Don’t bet on it. We’ll stop talking about Roessler Pinot Noir when they pry it from our cold, dead warehouse.