Roaring Brook Dairy Butter Making Kit

by Wootbot

The Other Secret

Butter: It’s not just for the elite anymore.

Oh, yes, there was a time when butter was only for the high and mighty. There was a time when, to get delicious butter, you had to be born into one of the exclusive butter families or perhaps prove yourself to the inner circle of some secretive butter council in Chicago or New York. The secrets of butter were whispered behind closed doors and never shared with outsiders. “This creamy thing of ours” was hidden behind a veil of secrecy, and there were those who might kill to keep things that way.

But now, at great personal risk, Leslie Kozupsky has liberated the knowledge that once belonged to kings, pharaohs and rock stars. Once an insider in the world of cheesemaking, Leslie turned her back on the code of omertzerella and has brought the power of buttermaking to you, the normal person-on-the-street. With this Roaring Brook Dairy Butter Kit, you’ll never again need to go to the store and suffer the light chill that comes from the dairy aisle! Now you’ll be making your own butter… and no one will be able to stop you!

Once you’ve got the Roaring Brook Dairy Butter Kit, it’ll take you about twenty minutes to create a butter of your choosing: sweet, salted, or herbed. In just twenty minutes, you’ll be the equal of those dairy barons that once controlled the world. No longer will you have to stand outside looking in. Now you’ll be on the inside, thanks to the secret of the Roaring Brook Dairy Butter Kit!

Just don’t let them find out you know. The butter cartels will stop at nothing to keep this information under wraps.


Roaring Brook Dairy Butter Kit

This kit includes supplies to make sweet, salted and herb butter, including a shaker, flaked salt and assorted herbs, plus a ramekin for storing your butter and a spreader for serving.  All you need is the cream.  One pint of cream makes approximately 6.5 ounces of butter.

  • Easy, step-by-step illustrated instructions
  • Kit does not need refrigeration
  • Only takes about 20 minutes to make
  • Perfect as a gift or a project to do with family & friends
  • Chefs, families and foodies will love this kit
  • Kit is reusable so the amount of butter you can make is unlimited

In the box:

(1) Roaring Brook Dairy Butter Kit