Renwood Viognier Case (12)

by wootbot

Viognier On The Calendar

Why buy a 12-pack of wine? To add some consistency to your calendar, of course.

Each month is different from the one before it. Whether it's a holiday, your birthday, or an anniversary, each month has its own special meaning.

Because every month is so unique, it's nice to have a little bit of consistency in your calendar, so if you order one of these 12-packs of 2007 Renwood "Red Label" Viognier, you'll have that consistency you so desire.

Despite the hectic events that come and go with the changing of the seasons, the comings and goings of sports calendars, the different local town events and gatherings, you'll have the Kiwi fruit, Guava, and Pomelo aromas you know, and a palate of Granny Smith apples, yellow grapefruit, and pineapple that you can depend on.