Renwood Amador County Syrah (6)

by wootbot

Six Bottles In A Leaky Boat

What do you serve to a drunken sailor? Hmm... probably a nice syrah.

When I decided to cross the Pacific in a small rowboat, carrying only a 6-Pack of Amador Syrah along with me, I figured it would be the time of my life. Ripe plum aromas, scents of vanilla and caramel, the ability to be cellared for up to ten years, what more could a wine/sea lover like me want?

That's why I was so worried when I sprung a leak.

Of course, lucky for me, the hole in my boat was the same size as a bottle of 2008 Amador Syrah! All I had to do was finish a bottle and plug the leak, and I was back on track! And boy, was that a delicious solution.

Until I saw the second hole. And the third. And the fourth.

But good news! My 2008 Amador Syrah was a 6-Pack! And I had a very nice wine glass in my pack! Pour, slurp, pour, slurp, pour, slurp, and then I was nice and tipsy… I mean, water-tight.

And then I saw the seventh hole.

So, if anyone out there wants to order me another 6-Pack of 2008 Amador Syrah and send it care of the Pacific Ocean...