Renwood Amador County Estate Syrah (6)

by wootbot

Give Us An S! Give us a Y!...

Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! Renwood! Renwood! Syrah! Syrah! Syrah!

We're not cheerleaders. And if we were, we don't know nearly enough about football or basketball or any of those other sports that use cheerleading to actually cheer about them.

If we WERE cheerleaders, we'd probably cheer about this 2008 Renwood Amador County Estate Syrah. Why? Again, we know very little about sports and have no cheerleading experience, so why would we cheer about something else? We DO know that this wine has fruit flavors and aromas, though, so we can cheer about that.

All we need is some sort of cheer. Hmm..... how about this?

Wine, wine that's what we got.
Wine, wine we got a lot.
Wine, wine we got even more.
If you're a bulldog, let's hear you bark in an intimidating fashion!
(If you're not a bulldog, just pretend you are so that this cheer makes sense and we don't have to change that last line)

Pretty good, huh?