Reata Napa/Sonoma Pinot Noir

by wootbot

County Your Blessings

Napa and Sonoma unite to ask "Wine, can't we be friends?"

You all know the battle lines: glitzy, upscale, linen-tablecloth Napa vs. earthy, free-range, denim-vest Sonoma, the two greatest wine regions this side of the Atlantic locked in eternal rivalry. It works for both regions' tourist industries, and it makes for an easy hook for travel writers and lazy copywriters alike.

But here's a secret: they're actually on the same side. They need each other. They love each other. They're secret besties.

You can taste the closeness in the two bottles of the Reata Napa/Sonoma 2011 Pinot Noir, and the two bottles of the Napa-only version. The dual-county Pinot is a little earthier, a little more lush, a little softer than its single-county cousin. But they're both fruity, well-balanced examples of classic Pinot Noir virtues. Because flavor knows no county line.