Reata Carneros Chardonnay (6)

by wootbot

Meat Rope

"Carneros" actually means "ram" not "meat."  But we're going with it anyway because "meat rope" is funnier.

I'm sure this is a very good wine. We wouldn't sell it otherwise. So when we say that we're going to insert "meat" into every descriptor, it's not because meat would make it better. It's because the word meat is funny. It's kinda like when you tack on "in bed" at the end of your fortune cookie fortune. So here we go:

This chardonnay is incredibly well balanced with meat. Aromas of caramel crème Brule, meat and a touch of coconut complement the light oak profile. Bright tropical fruit aromas complement the rich and vibrant flavors of green apple and crisp citrus fruits and also meat. This wine has meat, and a lengthy finish with a breadth of flavor.

Mmmm. Meat.