Raised By Wolves Washington Viognier (3)

by wootbot

Run With The (Three-)Pack

It's delicious, but its table manners are atrocious.

"Hey Mowgli! Mowgli! Check out what they had at the store."


"It's Raised By Wolves wine, and I'm telling you--"

Wait, no, let me guess. Because I was raised by wolves, I'm going to love it. No, not only am I going to love it; I was DESTINED to have it.


Tim, here's the deal: I know I was raised by wolves, and I know you know I was raised by wolves. They wrote a book about it, made a movie about it, and basically everybody knows about it, but that doesn't mean you need to bring me every product you see that says 'Raised By Wolves' on it.

"But I thought--"

Yeah, I know what you thought, but what's going to be next? A full-grown wolf that also happened to be raised by wolves? You know my landlord won't allow that.

"Honestly, I got it because I know you love Viognier."

It's a Viognier? Why didn't you say so?

"Well, I--"

Does it have the aromatically complex blend of citrus and honeysuckle notes on the nose and a plush feel on the palate, displaying a balance of natural acidity and intense concentration?

"Yes... actually, exactly that."

Great! I'll call up Baloo. Think you can whip up a bundt cake or something?