Raised by Wolves Cabernet Sauvignon (4)

by wootbot


You'll be RABID for this stuff!

RBW: AN FAQ Please describe how the wine tastes and smells.

The wine features aromatics of cassis, rich black fruit and basking spices. You’ll find a velvety mouthfeel with a cocoa finish.

I noticed you didn't mention any notes of marmot, beaver, or hare. Are those just implicit?

Um, no. There are no notes of marmot, beaver, or hare.

What about waterfowl?

Nope. No waterfowl either. Not sure where these questions are coming from...

Caspian seals then?

Wait, are you just listing things that wolves eat?


Okay, well you can rest assured that there is absolutely NO wolf prey in our wines. Raised By Wolves is just a fun name. We weren't actually raised by wolves.

Oh, really?


Then how come you only work on nights when the moon is full?