R2 Wine Company White Blends (4)

by wootbot

Desert Island Drinks

What brings a civilized air to an outdoor BBQ? Simple. White wine.

The jungle. Savage. Brutal. Full of chicken and boar. The place where you can prove your skill with a double 2-pack of white wine.

SLASH! The cruel claws of a wild hen! CRASH! The weight of a boar against your tent! THUMP! The feel of asparagus against your face as you crawl through someone's garden! This is the challenge the brave explorer will face as they, um, explore!

But never fear, lover of the wild, for on this island, all things go well with a chilled white wine. Over there, beneath the waterfall, you'll find a cave where this double 2-pack is perfectly chilled. Two 2010 Big Bend Chardonnay and two 2010 Vin Blancs.

On its own or with fine cuisine, the mix of tropical fruit, pineapple and citrus zest or ripe nectarine and peach with floral notes will prove to be the cold, flavorful reward that makes the day all worth it. Even climbing that oddly-shaped rock formation will seem-

Oh, wait. That's not an oddly-shaped rock formation. That's a statue. A very important statue, erected by the locals to celebrate the opening of their 150th library.

Don't look at us, explorer. We never said this island was deserted or uncivilized. But look on the bright side! Now you've got some friends you can discuss wine with!

…right after you pay the fine for climbing their statues wearing nothing but a loincloth. Seriously. Next time do some research before buying the plane tickets.