R. Merlo Rosé of Syrah (6)

by wootbot

What A Difference A "T" Makes

That's Merlo the winery, not Merlot the wine.

Joke all you want. It's nothing Ray and Robin Merlo haven't heard before. "Call the cops! Somebody stole your 't'!" "If anybody orders Merlo, I'm leaving." "I can't decide between the Pino or your Caberne." Go on, get it out of your system.

And then get some of this R. Merlo 2011 Rosé of Syrah into your system. As soft, subtle, and smooth on the palate as it is on the eyes, this is a creamy, furity, floral rosé that has nothing whatsoever to do with Ray and Robin's near-namesake. And no, they never considered naming their daughter Chardonna.