Premonition Cellars Pinot Noir (3)

by wootbot

Don't Fight It

The fate of this wine is in your hands.

Thanks for coming, Pinot Noir. Please have a seat. I have something to tell you and, well, it might be a little hard to digest.

Last night, I had a premonition. It was about you. There I was, nose to the forest floor when it came to me. I saw hints of earth and oak aromas. Dark fruits like plum, and raspberry jam washed over my palette and finished with a juicy acidity. It was so real I could almost taste it.

That's when I knew. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, Pinot Noir. But you're not going to make it past dinner tonight. I know. It's not fair. You've been barreled for 20 months in French oak, and now this.

My advice for you is to enjoy what time you have left. And when you see that cork screw coming at you, don't fight it. Shhhh. Don't fight it.