Portlandia Oregon White/Red (4)

by wootbot

The Beard and The Wonderful

Keep Portland weird! Just like Austin! Or Brooklyn! Or San Francisco!

Just how weird are we? A typical day in the life of a weird Portlander goes like this: He wakes up in the morning … TO AN ALARM CLOCK!

He gets ready for work … probably doesn’t shave, because many of our male residents possess beards … AGAIN, WEIRD!

Then he waits in our weirdly awful traffic until he gets to his workplace, which is undoubtedly teeming with WEIRD! He might even have lunch from a truck – OH, DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND?!

He finishes his workday, meets his WEIRD buddies at one of our many WEIRD watering holes, then he goes home! What a way of life! Sure, it’s unconventional, but that’s how we do it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Me? What part of Portland am I from? Just south of the city. A little town called Seattle. Why do you ask?