Pomo Nation Zinfandel (4)

by wootbot

Strange things are afoot

Pomo? Like post modern?

This Pomo Nation Zinfandel is the perfect complement to your pomo lifestyle. It can be enjoyed out of a traditional wine glass or a non-traditional wine glass or a bowl. You can pour it into an idea and swirl it around. You can drink it in the summer or in the winter, bundled up in sweaters made of warm emotions.

Sip it, and you will taste wild berry and plum flavors, a bit of cocoa, hints of nostalgia and innocence, notes of flight and awakening. This all comes before the amazing peppery finish. Or, perhaps the finish is not peppery. Perhaps the pepper is finishy. That is, if you actually believe that anything really ever finishes.

So pour yourself a glass. Or don't. Or maybe just feel yourself a glass. Or love yourself a glass. But, most importantly, enjoy.