Poizin - The Wine to Die For! (4)

by wootbot


Finally, someone has cornered the Halloween Wine market.

When people talk about Halloween, they talk about the candy and the costumes, but no one talks about the wine. Maybe that's why there aren't many Halloween wines out there. It seems Poizin wants to change that.

If the font, motto, and logo of the 2012 Poizin Zinfandel don't give you a bit of a scare, the flavors ought to do the trick. With terrifying flavors like black cherry, anise, spicy strawberry, and red currants, this wine ought to give you a haunt. Seriously, have you ever seen a red currant? It's so red. AH! Terrifying.

Then there are the dark notes of chocolate, coffee, and clove spice, and you know what they say about chocolate, "I scream. You scream. We all scream when we taste chocolate!" That is how it goes, right?

So, this Halloween, celebrate the holiday with more than just candy and that wig you found in your attic. Introduce some wine to the holiday.