Piro Piro Piccolo Pinot Grigio (4)

by wootbot

Duck Duck Piccolo

Play the game that's sweeping the nation: Piro! Piro! Piccolo!

At cocktail parties from coast to coast, there's a new game that's being played night after night. It's Piro Piro Piccolo! The game named after this 2012 Piro Piro Piccolo Pinot Grigio wine.

To play, you need at least 4 people.

You gather around in a circle and drink Piro Piro Piccolo.

Every so often, a person gets up. This person then walks behind people and taps on their heads, saying "Pico" with each head tap.

Eventually, when they feel the time is right, that person will say "Piccolo" when tapping someone's head.

When a person gets tapped on Piccolo, they get up and chase the person who was talking.

If they get the person who tapped their head before that person gets back to their spot, the chaser win! If the head-tapper gets to the spot before the chaser, the head-tapper person wins!

Then after they're done, everyone drinks Piro Piro Piccolo. To make a long story short, it's Duck Duck Goose, but you drink Piro Piro Piccolo. That's about it. But that's okay because there's a bird on the label, and a duck is a bird, so it makes perfect sense. Perfect, perfect sense.