Philip Shaw Australian Pinot Noir (2)

by wootbot

Shaw Is Dead, Miss Him, Miss Him

Number 8. Number 8. Number 8. Number 8. Number 8. Number 8. eniw siht yuB.

Have you heard the rumor? Apparently Philip Shaw is sending secret messages in the names of his wines!

Now, don't quote us, but here's everything we know about the 2005 Philip Shaw No. 8 Pinot Noir, Orange Australia, Koomooloo Vineyard 750ml 2-Pack based on what we assume are secret messages.

1) No. 8 refers to the INXS song Mediate.

2) INXS was an Australian band.

3) Australian sunsets are sometimes orange.

4) Orange is a color that is said to increase the craving for food.

5) A good Pinot Noir, like this one, carries flavors of red berries and delicate rose notes.

6) Roses are often given to people you love.

From all this, it's clear that Philip Shaw went out at sunset with someone he loved, and then around 8pm tried to break up a fight between sax player Kirk Pengilly and an unnamed aggressor. He failed (hence this wine's crimson color) and escaped to the local Outback where he hid in the men's room. His winery hired an impostor (named Billy Shears) and Shaw even today waits for the cry of "Koomooloo!" that will mean the coast is clear.

If you just think about it a little, it makes perfect sense, right?