Pedroncelli Sonoma County Port 500ml and Port Wine Lover’s Dark Chocolate

by Wootbot

Sweeter With Age

Now that you’re an adult, it’s totally cool to enjoy dessert whenever you want.

There really aren’t that many perks to being a grown-up. There are bills to pay, crappy jobs to keep, hair loss, weight gain, orthopedic shoes… If you think about it too much, it’s all sort of a downer.

But there are some benefits. You don’t need help going to the bathroom, for instance. Well, at least for now you don’t. You can also dress yourself however you want, though I guess for some fashion-impaired people that might not be great, either. Hmmm. What about driving? That’s pretty cool, right? Until you’re stuck in traffic going to some function you really don’t want to go to but have to because the boss says it’s mandatory, that is.

Huh. Well, I guess there’s always wine.

Sure, these three bottles of 2006 Vintage Port Four Grapes and the accompanying 3.5 oz. Port Wine Lover’s Dark Chocolate are technically for dessert, but you’re an adult! Go ahead and enjoy a little of the warm spice, raspberry and cream soda flavors of this complex port before the meal gets started if you want! Heck, wait 10 years if you want while it improves over time! Who’s going to stop you having a nibble of the 54% cocoa blend of these dark chocolate drops, huh? Your mom? Well she can’t! Not anymore! Especially after her hip surgery! That reminds me, I should call my mom tonight and see if she needs me to pick up any of her prescriptions on the way home.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, being a grownup sucks. Drink more wine or something.

2006 Vintage Port Four Grapes, Sonoma County

  • Appellation: Dry Creek Valley
  • Barrel Aging: 42 months
  • Alcohol: 19.0%
  • pH: 3.74
  • Total acidity: .525g/100ml
  • Residual sugar: 8.3%
  • Bottled in 500ml glass

Ripe berries, rich caramel and toffee aromas lead to a flavorful dessert wine with warm spice, raspberry and cream soda highlights. A very complex and rich dessert wine. Although ready to drink now, this port will benefit from aging for the next 10 years.

Port Wine Lover's Dark Chocolate

Made with only the finest quality cocoa beans, gathered and imported from three different continents and selected for consistently superior flavor. Their chocolate has a smooth, silken texture that melts on the tongue and creates a rich, buttery mouthfeel. Quality chocolate possesses all the complexity and depth of flavor as a fine red wine or a dark roast coffee, and they are committed to instilling these qualities in each and every one of their chocolate products.


The natural affinity between dark chocolate and red wine is no secret: restaurants often pair after-dinner wines with chocolate desserts, and many desserts themselves incorporate both chocolate and flavors that are often found in red wine, such as berry, mint or coffee. Pedroncelli's Wine Lover's Chocolate Collection takes this idea one step further, creating a way for people to experience the subtleties of wine and chocolate together without a lot of guesswork or pretension.
First in Pedroncelli Wine Lover's Chocolate Collection, the 54% cocoa blend of these dark chocolate drops perfectly complements the rich, sweet quality of many Port wines. Their 54% chocolates are a perfect after-dinner treat, served along with a small glass of Port, of course.

Rules and restrictions:

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