Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto (5)

by wootbot

Bunga Bungahole.

Pavi don't preach.

An open letter to the Italian guy who got upset with me as I tasted the Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto:

Dear Sir:

First of all, please know it was not my intention to ruin your outing with your lovely and slightly underdressed daughter. Obviously, because of the warm weather, she was perfectly entitled to be comfortable, and it didn't trouble me at all. Equally I understand why you, her protective father, might have been a bit protective of her. So let me just say it now: my loud statement which, to my recollection, was "BOY DO I LOVE TO SEE A FULL-BODIED ITALIAN!" was in fact aimed at the five pack of Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto.

As a wine lover yourself, it's clear you know the Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto carries a seductive nose of raspberries and sweet tobacco, explaining why I would be so quick to shout to my friend "HEY, BILLY! COME CHECK OUT THIS SEXY NUMBER OVER HERE!" My friend Billy loves pasta and pizza, you see, and the Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto complements such things.

Naturally, I don't blame you one bit for punching me in the eye when I, possibly too loudly, said "WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO GET YOUR HANDS ON THAT PAIR OF STEMS?" but, and let me be clear about this, I simply was referring to the stems on the two glasses of wine I was hoping to share with Billy once we opened a delicious bottle of Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto, one of Italy's most popular wines.

Please be aware that, as far as I'm concerned, this misunderstanding is just water under the bridge. And if you could have your friends in the nondescript sedan outside maybe stop opening their switchblades and smiling every time I go to work, I'd consider it a personal favor.

Yours in abject fear,

A Wine Lover