Pavi Napa Valley Dolcetto (4)

by wootbot

So Cosmo

There's nothing wrong with enjoying a wine about the world. Just don't be a big stupid snob about it.

Well look at you, Mr. Fancy Pants, with your fancy pants wine with its fancy pants lush, medium/full-body. And how about that fancy pants name? DOLE-CHET-O. What is that? Spanish? Romanian? OH, it's actually one of Northern Italy's most popular wines? Well how fancy.

OH! And it was aged in a fancy pants FRENCH oak barrel? Of course it was. How très pantalon de fantaisie! I've heard about those French/Italian types. So intense. So rich. So bright with raspberry and cherry aromas. No, no! Don't mind me. Wouldn't want to disturb your fancy pants feast of meat, pasta and pizza.

What's that? OH, it's actually a great everyday wine from Napa Valley? As in, California? As in, America? Huh. Well that's cool.