Passo Doble Masi Tupungato 2009 Argentinean Malbec - 6 Pack

by Wootbot

Don’t say it, Gary. Don’t you dare say it.

“More wine for me, Argentina!”

You are so embarrassing, you know that?

“The truth is I love to drink it!”

Stop it.

“All through this Wine Days festival tasting…”

Will you stop it? I get it. It’s a Passo Doble Masi Tupungato 2009 Argentinean Malbec 6-Pack. It’s an Argentinian wine. I know. You don’t have to get all Andrew Lloyd Webber on me.

“Please keep your promise, don’t keep your distance!”

Believe me, I’m wishing I could keep more distance between us.

Passo Doble Masi Tupungato Argentinean Malbec 2009

Deep red with dark violet edges. Complex bouquet: ripe red fruit pushing through vegetal hints with touches of liquorice. Full-bodied on the palate with an upfront spicy grassiness evolving into soft, attractive baked plum and cherry flavors. Long finish with hints of vanilla.  Passo Doble goes well with a wide variety of foods: grilled or roasted red meats, winged game, mature and strong-flavored cheeses. Serve at 64°F in wide-bottomed glasses.

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