Panther Creek Pinot Medley (6)

by wootbot

Pinot Comes Alive!

When you've got too many hits to play them all, put 'em in a medley.

You know how it is if you've ever seen the Rolling Stones, or Madonna, or Barry Manilow (what? he's criminally underrated) in concert. Everybody in the audience wants to hear their one ultimate all-time favorite song. And if they all got their wish, the show would last eight or nine days.

So these superstars throw a couple of medleys in the set list. That way, they can romp through the choruses of a whole stack of classics in a few minutes. So even if all of the people can't hear all of their favorites, most of the people can hear some of their favorites.

That's what Panther Creek - who are kind of like the Who meets Michael Jackson of Oregon wineries - is doing here with their Pinot Noirs. It's pretty much physically impossible for the average person to sample every classic PN that has ever splashed down the creek. But with five different vineyards and one reserve blend present and accounted for, this six-pack serves as a manageable greatest-hits collection. Now, everybody raise your lighters...