Page Cellars Washington Duo (2)

by wootbot

Preface To The Silver Top

It's just a fact. When you see pages, sooner or later, you're going to find a Preface. This one just happens to be a Cabernet.

Authors can't help themselves, you know? They write a whooooole book, but they've still got to throw in a tiny little explanation about what you're about to read. That's called "the preface" most of the time, and we think "preface" is Latin for "got this one past the editor, ha ha ha!"

So we were really surprised to find that such nice 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon would have such a heartbreaking name as "Preface." Because, face it, EVERYONE learned in high school that a preface is fully skippable. But who could skip a nice thick mix of black cherry and currant?

To be fair, this is a two-pack, so the Preface does serve as a lead-in to the 2007 Silver Top Syrah. And, like many great works of literature, the Silver Top has won some awards, like the Gold Medal at the World Wine Championships and a 93 point Exceptional rating. But it's not taking away from the Syrah to say HEY, THIS PREFACE IS ACTUALLY WORTH SOMETHING! DON'T JUST FLIP PAST IT WHILE WRITING YOUR REPORT ON THE BUS!

Anyway, we just wanted to clarify that.