Outdoor Vino Summer (4)

by wootbot

Get out!

Children's car seats, helmets, prosthetic limbs ... When are we finally gonna use plastic for something good?!

Usually our descriptions on Wine.Woot are pretty silly because wine doesn't require much explanation. The standard story is: Open -> Drink -> Funtimes.

But these Naked Winery Outdoor Wino bottles call for a bit more. Here's the thing: The summer is full of outdoor activities in which big glass bottles and cardboard boxes aren't up to the task. Enter Naked Winery's Outdoor Vino plastic bottles. Camping, kayaking, picnicking, skydiving … whatever you do outdoors, it will be better with bottle-wine. Frankly, we wouldn't be surprised if someday the old-fashioned glass bottles get usurped altogether (sorry sticks-in-the-mud). So be an early adopter and tell your friends, "I was getting krunk from plastic bottle-wine way before it was cool."