ONEHOPE Wine Zinfandel (6)

by wootbot

Wine for Kids

Do something a little more noble with your wine purchase.

When the average Joe thinks of wine drinkers, the first thing that comes to mind generally isn’t altruism. Oenophilia has long been considered a selfish, indulgent pursuit. Wine ratings appear to be esoteric and arbitrary, and the entire affair can seem opaque and inaccessible to outsiders. In short, people hate wine drinkers.

Let’s correct that misconception. With ONEHOPE, you can enjoy a top quality wine while also giving to a noble cause. For every six cases sold of this California Zinfandel, ONEHOPE will pay for one child’s experience at Snowball Express, an organization working with family members of fallen soldiers. So do something good for kids, and show the world how generous wine drinkers can be.