ONEHOPE Pinot for Paws (4)

by wootbot


Buy this wine for dogs. No, wait, to HELP dogs, not for dogs to drink.

If you're both a wine lover and a dog lover, you've wished you could combine those two loves. But like holding a conversation or playing a board game, sharing a glass of wine is one of those things that imply cannot transcend the species divide.

But thanks to this ONEHOPE Pinot for Paws, dogs can enjoy the benefit of a donation to organizations supporting pet adoption, it not the benefit of its delicately mellow yet intense strawberry and date flavors. One-half of the profits will be donated to help animals find homes - buy a whole case and that covers the costs for one pet to find a forever home. It's not quite sharing a bottle with your favorite companion animals, but the taste is just as sweet.