Nicholson Ranch Estate 2001 Pinot Noir Quartet

by Wootbot

The only way to really dig the whole Nicholson Ranch 2001 Pinot Noir Estate trip is to experience it amid the breathtaking splendor of Nicholson Ranch winery on the southern edge of Napa and Sonoma. Here, venerable oaks and windswept hills and exquisite wines harmonize in a sensory symphony so sublime you’ll want to strip nude and run, run wildly like a child or an animal or a child animal, run so they can never find you and drag you back to that gray plastic cubicle ever again.

Somehow, the 2001 Pinot Noir’s ripe cherry, tea, and smoked-meat aromas smell best against the Ranch’s postcard backdrop of waterfall views and frolicking deer. What’s that ringing across the valley, from hillside to lovely hillside? Sounds like the notes of cola, clove, nutmeg, and coffee in the Pinot Noir’s sweet, red-fruit palate. Yes, the taste is so amazing, you can actually hear it, as long as you’re drinking at Nicholson Ranch. It’s not just the majestic natural setting – the unique five-level, gravity-flow winemaking facility and the underground cave have a little something to say about it, too.

Alas, the ludicrously low price for this quartet does not include a ticket to Nicholson Ranch. But even if your window opens on an auto wreckage yard in North Jersey, this exceptional Pinot will make your tongue the most beautiful place on Earth. (The preceding claim has not been evaluated by the Federal Beauty Administration.)

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