Nicholas Connoisseur Collection

by wootbot

Christmas In Whenever

Let's just get this holiday shopping thing over and done with, shall we?

Chances are you know people that like wine. We'd also be willing to bet that you even care about some of those people, but not enough to really put a lot of thought into the mandatory "You're Okay I Guess" gift you'll have to buy come December, and the very idea of having to do so gives you a headache. Good news! We're here to help.

Just feast your eyes on this Nicholas Connoisseur Collection we've got right here. Sure, it's not as personal or thoughtful as choosing a wonderful new wine based on the personal tastes of a person you're not even sure you like all that much, but that's what's so great about it! There's absolutely no half-hearted guesswork involved!

After all, what wine drinker doesn't need to open 60-80 wine bottles every once in a while? With the CorkPops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener, they'll be able to do just that, but in a fancier, much more involved way than ever before with its built-in foil remover and included refill cartridge that allows them to open ANOTHER 60-80 bottles. If that doesn't say "I kinda sorta pay attention to what you like," I don't know what does.

And hey, aren't fancy wine drinkers always talking about aeration? One might assume so! Throwing in the VinOair Wine Aerator as a gift will totally make that somewhat-liked one in your life think you're pretty swell every time they serve up a perfect pour. Or, hey, maybe they won't think of you at all. Either way, they'll get their fully aerated and oxidized wine that's just bursting with maximum flavor and quality, and you'll get to not have to worry about getting them a gift for another year. Everybody wins!

But don't wait until the last minute to put the least amount of effort into buying a gift. Just do it now, get it over with, and be done with it so you can get back to grousing about how all the stores have their Christmas displays up already. After all, that's what this season is really all about.