Muscardini Cellars Mixed Red (2)

by wootbot

Brotherly Wine

Revisiting the great debate: wine or mustard?

Mustardini, sometimes I wonder if you'll ever understand.

"But I do, Muscardini! I just don't see how you can compare the taste of wine to the spicy and sweet taste of mustard."

Because wine is more than just a condiment. It is a mix of scent and flavor. Each drop in the glass is its own reward. It is special.

"So is the spice of the yellow mustard and the unique taste of brown mustard on a fresh turkey sandwich."

Once you've tried wine, though, you'll understand. Take my 2011 Sangiovese. Its complex aromas of wild berries, lavender roasted black walnuts, mountain herbs, and spicy cedar awaken your nose, and the flavors of rich cherry, boysenberry, dark chocolate, clover, and balsamic dance on your tongue.

"But what is wine without a food to go with it? Like mustard."

Wine accompanies many meals, not just deli sandwiches. Take the Fortuna red blend, for example. Because it's a blend, there's no limit to the amounts of food it pairs well with.

"But it doesn't go on bread!"

Not everything goes on bread, Mustardini.

"Hmmm, I guess this wine thing is just something I'll never understand."

I guess not.