Mouton Noir 2008 Montgomery Place Red - 3 Pack

by Wootbot

Buy And Hold

Serve your heart or serve your wallet? Andre Mack made his choice, and now we’ve got a three pack of Mouton Noir 2008 Montgomery Place Reds.

Andre was doing well with a major investment bank. Probably he could have stayed there forever and just watched the money roll in. But that wasn’t his passion. His passion was seeing that little twist of the mouth from a stranger, the “Wow, how did I not try this before?” face. Andre Mack left his solid financial sector job to take a chance, and to follow his heart. Now at only 35, he’s a pretty solid name in the world of wine.

Food and Wine, Wine and Spirits Magazine, Ebony and Women’s Heath, Black Enterprise and The New York Times have all featured Andre Mack and his garage wines. Haven’t tried him yet? This Mouton Noir 2008 Montgomery Place Red 3 Pack is your chance to leap on and discover… well, what it feels like to make that little twist of the mouth. Because if this guy loves wine enough to throw away a bank job, you know he won’t be letting you down.

Black fruit aromatics, silky spice, then it all rolls in. Your palate fills with blackberries, dark cherries, baking spices and oh, those final tannins. You’ll be getting three bottles because this wine will nicely age, and sure, it’s ready now, but it miiiight be worth letting one rest to revisit in, say, eight years?

After all, any good banker knows how to play the long game with his investments. Even a banker whose destiny was in wine.

Mouton Noir Wines 2008 Montgomery Place

This wine has fantastic aromatics of black fruits and spice with intense yet silky flavors of blackberries, dark cherries and baking spices on the palate and adding in ample tannins for a bright finish. Enjoy this great value over the next 8 years.


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