Michael Gill Paso Robles Reds (2)

by wootbot

God Loves a Terroir

You expect to win Best in Show with that BLEND? Pshaw.

Up next in the Terroir group is the Paso Robles Syrah. Accompanied by "Big Rock" is his handler, Michael Gill. And what a beautiful vintage he is! You see how he demonstrates that deep color and full body? It takes years to master that perfect marriage of terroir and Rhone character. Truly a joy to see. It says here that before big shows like this, "Big Rock" often takes some quiet time to decant and breathe.

And here comes "Tantrum," also from Paso Robles. This vintage is two years old, and as you can see, has quite the nose of vanilla-flan aromas and boysenberry. It's a hearty little wine with a rich ruby color that hails from the steep slopes of the vineyard and OH DEAR, that's going to cost him. Well, folks, as its name "Tantrum" suggests, this wine can be a bit Tempranillo. As such, this wine isn't recommended for homes with small children, but is indeed very food-friendly.