McClean Vineyards Royale Case (12)

by wootbot

Royale Was The Case That They Gave Me

McClean. A neat freak from Scotland. McClean Royale. The classiest wine you've never before seen. See how the right words can bring out a wine's true meaning?

Give up some love for Michael McClean, that mastermind behind the wine that bears his family name. Without him, we'd never ever be lucky enough to offer you a case that's never been released to the general public before.

Before today, the McClean Vineyards Royale Case was maybe only available to astronauts, kings, rock stars and some guy who knew how to sneak into Michael McClean's wine cellar. But today? Today the McClean Vineyards Royale Case is open to THE WORLD!

We couldn't be prouder to be sharing our space with these twelve bottles. Raspberry, strawberry jam, chocolate nougat and black pepper will just pour out of the bottle once you pop the cork. It's been designed for a very special occasion and Michael McClean has decided: today's the day!

This might be your only chance to be an early adopter in the world of wine. Jump on it. Jump like a Frogger player on his final frog. Chances like this don't come along every day.