Mayo Family Mixed Red Pack (3)

by wootbot

Better Than "Stinky Butt"

In any family, there are bound to be nicknames. Some are better than others.

Maybe your family is three kids and a dog. Maybe your family is 25 pilots and the head of your carrier group. Maybe your family is a winery. The truth is, as long as it's a family, people are gonna hand out nicknames like candy at Halloween. It's part of being a family.

That's how these happy little wines got their own happy little nicknames: by being part of the Mayo Family. There's "Barnstormer" with intense flavors that busted through the classic Napa style. Blackberry and chocolate with a kiss of oak, and grapes from two different vineyards. Close by is The Gypsy, a.k.a. "Jessica's Cuvee." Since we only know Mayo Family members Jeff and Mike, we don't really know who Jessica is, but inside jokes... well, THOSE are part of being a family too, right? Because who knows you better than the people who are always at your side? That goes for "Antonio's Cuvee" too, by the way.

It doesn't matter if you want something to pair with your pasta or something to keep your winter BBQ's company. A family looks after its own. Prep your palate to become part of something bigger than yourself.

And maybe, one day, they'll stop being so secretive about what those names mean. C'mon, Jeff and Mike! Share with the class!