Materra Napa Valley Merlot (3)

by wootbot


Swing Merlot, sweet chariot. 

Okay, guys - I got some bad news. We're going to have to scrap the whole ad campaign that we put together for the 2007 Materra Napa Valley Merlot. Turns out it's pronounced "Mer-low." That means our slogan - "You're going to like this wine a mer-lot" - is out the window.

So, it's back to the drawing board. What do we got? Maybe something that highlights its aromas of cola, smoky bacon fat, cherries, and plum. Maybe something about its flavors of cherries and raspberries. We could also put together something that really gets across how complex the wine's structure is.

Steve, you got an idea? What's that? "Have a glass and then take a cat Napa?" Yeah, okay. Another pun is cool too. This meeting's over.