Martian Ranch 2009 Grenache Blanc (4)

by wootbot

Fair Questions

DID YOU KNOW: Did you know that "ranch" doesn't rhyme with "blanc" unless you an a "he" to the end? See? Laughter really DOES change the world!

Maybe we're over-thinking it, though. Maybe in the Martian language, "Blanc" and "Grenache" and "Ranch" all sound the same. You know, like when Jay Z takes a word like "dishwasher" and makes it somehow rhyme with "Senator" through pronunciation magic.

What we probably should be focusing on is how this Grenache Blanc 4-Pack tastes crisp and light, with a delicious fruity taste and a gentle acidity that really pleases the palate. But that's not what we do, is it? We take one tiny, unimportant bit of minutia and just RIDE that puppy until we wring every single possible outcome from it.

Which is why we'd like to ask you, seriously: do you think the word Martian sounds like the word ranch in Martian? Like the word French in French is "fran-say" which sorta sounds like "ranchy" if you're really trying. Because if so, maybe "Martian Ranch Grenache Blanc" is really a poorly translated alien tongue twister, right?

Does anyone have Noam Chomsky's number? Surely he could help us figure this out.