Martellotto Santa Barbara Chardonnay (3)

by wootbot

Oak is not the enemy.

Thanks, but no tanks!

In case you haven't noticed, there's a war on, people. No, it's not the Bitcoin devotees' desperate crusade to launder their pretend money in exchange for legitimate goods and services. And no, we're not referring to America's combat against obesity. Nor are we speaking of the global battle against bacteria we hear so much about on television. These are fruitless endeavors, friends. But there's one fight we mustn't ignore. We shan't relent. We cannot lose.

It is the battle against the barrel.

For years now, Chardonnay artists - Chardists, they're called - have spurned the noble oak. No one is quite certain why they avoid the coopers with such tenacity. Some postulate it's because the Chardonnay world spent the past decade dodging butterbombs. Others suggest it's because Chardists hate delicious flavors and don't want anyone to be happy.

Martellotto wants you to be happy.

That is why they're offering this masterful Chardonnay. It lived in French oak for 9 months - gestating in the belly of the barrel like a toasty, nutmeggy, boozy baby. And now it has been birthed and is ready for your consumption.

Alright, yes, we can see why that analogy might have you grimacing. Listen, you're not actually ingesting a baby. We're just trying to draw a parallel between the 9-month thing and the idea of giving renewed life to a method of aging and … you know what? We're bad with the metaphors. This is a Chardonnay. It sat in French oak. You should drink it. Stop reading and start buying!