Maison de Monaco Gift Pack

by wootbot

Maison De Momaco

Preserving a relationship takes effort ... like giving a gift of preserves.

Don't be fooled by the natural love that occurs between parents and their children. Real love doesn't happen like that. Real love must be bought.

If you want to feel real, true love, you must give gifts to all of your loved ones at every possible occasion (and we at Woot encourage you to buy the gifts from us). This is why when something like Mother's Day occurs and all you've got for your mom is a bundle of flowers that you plucked from the park, you can't expect love to rain down on you.

Real love requires a gift filled with thought, meaning, and fruit that can be spread on toast. Like these Maison de Monaco preserves! With flavors like Apricot & Hibiscus and Peach & Lavender, these preserves should buy you plenty of love to last you till next year.