Mahoney Vineyards Carneros Syrah (6)

by wootbot

Whine & Dine

Nothing wrong with a man who knows what he wants in a good wine. Just as long as he doesn't throw a temper tantrum when he doesn't get it.

"Thanks for coming out with me tonight, Lisa. I'm having a really nice time."

I am too. Thanks for inviting me.

"So how's your roast pork. Can I have a bite, pleeeeeease?"

Uh, sure. Yeah, it's really good. Here you go.

"Mmm. That IS good. How would you say it pairs with your Mahoney Vineyards Carneros Syrah?"

Really well, actually. The blueberry and black cherry nose of this 2008 complements it well.

"I think I'll order a glass. Excuse me, waiiiiiiter? Can I pleeeease have a glass of the Syrah as well?"

I'm sorry, Sir. We're all out of the 2008. Would you like the 2009 instead?

"What? Nooooo! I want the two thousand and eeeeeeight!"

Again, I'm sorry about that. It seems the lady had the last glass.

"If it's really that big of a deal, Todd, you can have mine."

I don't want yours, I want my owwwwwwwn!

"I really think you'd like the 2009, Sir. It has a compote of dark berry fruits in the nose with caramel, black tea and baking spice beneath. It would be superb with your ribeye."

I SAID … I. Don't. Want. IT! I want a palate that's soft yet carries a pleasant core of acidityyyyyy! Not one that's rich and full with firm yet supple tanniiiiiins!

"You know what, he can have mine. I have to be going anyway."

So soon? That's too bad. Can I call you later?

"I'd prefer if you didn't, actually."

Awwww come on, Liiiiisa! Pleeeeeeeeease?