Macrae Russian River Pinot Noir (4)

by wootbot

Terra Wina

After a long hard day in the office, nothing relaxes me like earth and mushroom wine.

Everybody's got their own trick to cool down after a day of work. Some people exercise. Others watch TV. I sit down to a bottle of Macrae Russian River Pinot Noir.

Why Macrae Russian River Pinot Noir? It's simple, I can't get enough of the earthy aromas. The slight accents of earth and mushroom accompanied by the scent of rose petals bring me back to the days of being a kid, playing in the mud, surrounded by my toy dump trucks.

As I drink my glass of wine, I am reminded that there is more to our planet than my computer and my cubicle. I am reminded of the lush forest floors and the dirt that accompanies them.

There's just something to be said about earthy, mushroomy aromas in something you drink. It becomes everything I want after a long day.

Really, my only complaint is that they didn't take it a step further. I could go for those aromas being accompanied by the flavor of soot and root. Oh well. Maybe next time.