Lido Bay Halloween 3-Pack

by wootbot

Happy Halloween

Ho ho ho! Wait, that's not what we say on Halloween. What about... YARRR! See, cause we're in costume as pirates and... look, just go with it, we didn't have any ghost-themed wines.

Halloween is a time to become something you're not. Halloween is also a time to reveal who you always were. But the most important part of Halloween? Getting things that are delicious. And that's what we looked for FIRST when choosing which wine to showcase today.

Yeah, we could have called Spooky Undead Zombie Vineyards and put up some crappy fortified wine, just to be cute, but would that be fair to you? No! No, it would NOT be fair to you! And so we said DAMN THE HOLIDAY! FULL SPEED AHEAD TO TASTY ISLAND! and we made this Lido Bay Halloween 3-Pack out of pirate themed wines instead.

Maybe you'll give us a pass and say "Woot, it's cool, lots of people dress as pirates on Halloween!" Maybe you'll be picky and say "Woot! What are you thinking, buddy? Pirates aren't scary!" But when you taste the red grapes of Mutiny or the honeysuckle and pear of the Seven Seas Viognier, or the raspberry lashes of the Bitch Tongue, you'll understand why we chose quality over costumery.

And anyway, it could be worse. We could have done a "sexy wine site" theme. Take our word for it, the world just does NOT need to see any of us in fishnets and lace.